Best Foam Mattress UK: Selecting the Right Foam Mattress

Surprisingly enough, not everyone realizes how important a part of the comfort a mattress plays. The truth is that poor sleeping conditions are one of the biggest causes of stress in general, so if you want to relax at home, you should take the mattresses very seriously.

This is why it comes as no surprise that more and more people are turning to foam mattresses. They are famous for their many advantages, which makes them much better than ordinary spring-based mattresses. What are these benefits? Which one is right for you? Read on to find out.

Best memory foam mattresses UK 2021

1. Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

 Nectar is a great example of memory foam mattresses that combines the many benefits of the material into one product, and as such, is placed as one of the best mattresses on the market.


  • Memory foam allows for contouring to your body, which helps it avoid pressure points. This decreases circulation problems and increases comfort levels dramatically.
  • The material also regulates temperature very well, which means that you will never feel too cold or hot while sleeping on it.
  • Despite the material being more expensive than other options, Nectar is actually one of the best mattresses under 1000 UK pounds due to its high quality and affordability.


  • Since the mattress is concave, it may not be suitable for couples that tend to move or shift positions a lot during sleep.
  • The denser material also means that you might feel stuck in your bed, resulting in you falling out during the night! If this happens, you should consider getting a topper with softer memory foam.
  • The cover is not removable or adjustable, which means that you won’t be able to add extra cushioning for increased comfort levels.

All in all, the Nectar mattress is a great memory foam mattress option if you want something affordable and easy to use. The only thing that might concern potential buyers is that it’s not suitable for couples who move a lot while sleeping.

Other than that, the high density of memory foam makes this mattress ideal for those suffering from back pain or arthritis.

 2. Eve The Premium Mattress

Eve is a top-rated mattress company with an excellent reputation for mattresses made of pocket springs. However, the Eve Mattress is a memory foam mattress that provides great stability and a high level of responsiveness.

As such, this could be one of the best options on the market if you want to get rid of your back pain or improve the quality of your sleep.


  • The mattress is very soft and provides a high level of comfort while also supporting the body well enough to relieve pressure placed on certain areas. This way, you will feel rested and comfortable when you wake up in the morning.
  • Memory foam allows for better airflow into the mattress and regulates your body temperature, which means you will never feel too hot or cold while sleeping. This also prevents the proliferation of bacteria and allergens, making it a great option for people who suffer from asthma or allergies.
  • The mattress is made in the UK, which guarantees high-quality standards are met during manufacturing.


  • Like most memory foam mattresses, this one is also more expensive than other options. However, the high level of comfort that it provides justifies the price tag for most people.
  • The mattress doesn’t come with a cover or any extra padding, which means you will need to purchase these separately. Having said that, Eve offers a great selection of covers and toppers at very affordable prices, which you should definitely check out.

Eve is also famous for its comfy pillows, made using the same materials as the mattress itself. This way, you can rest assured that your sleep will be stable and comfortable no matter what. All in all, Eve is a great memory foam mattress suitable for people suffering from back or neck pain, sore joints, or any other aches and pains.

Even though it’s more expensive than other options on the market, its high quality makes it one of the best mattresses UK consumers can buy.

3. Emma Original Mattress

Emma is a UK-based company that has been manufacturing mattresses for over 50 years. Their products are top-rated among people who want to get rid of their back pain or improve the quality of their sleep.

Emma Original is an affordable memory foam mattress that provides great support and firmness, making it one of the best choices for people with back pain or arthritis.


  • The mattress is made using high-density memory foam, which makes it very supportive and medium-firm. This way, you will hardly feel your partner shifting during sleep, which could cause disrupted sleep. The high level of support also reduces the pressure placed on the body, so you will wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated.
  • It is very comfortable, which means you will get a good night’s sleep every single day. This way, you won’t have to worry about being tired or grumpy during the day because of lack of sleep, which is actually a common problem for many people today.
  • Emma Original offers great value for money, especially if you consider its lifetime warranty. This way, you can get another mattress for free if the Emma Original starts to sag after some time.


  • The mattress is made of high-density memory foam, which means it’s slightly harder than other options on the market. However, it is still comfortable enough and provides plenty of support, especially if you prefer sleeping on your back or stomach.
  • It has no extra features like cooling technology or a cover. However, the company offers great deals on pillows and covers, which should definitely be looked into by consumers who are interested in Emma Original.

All in all, Emma is a great memory foam mattress that provides enough support and comfort to help you fall asleep faster while getting rid of aches and pains in the morning.

Although it’s not as luxurious as other memory foam mattresses UK consumers can buy, its high comfort level definitely makes up for this fact.

Emma Mattress is a great option for people suffering from back pain or arthritis who need to get rid of their aches and pains so they can rest easy every night.

4. Dormeo Octasmart Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress

Dormeo Octasmart Deluxe is one of the most luxurious options available on the market today.

It’s a great choice for people who want to get rid of their back pain and problems with joints while improving their sleep quality.


  • The mattress is made using high-density memory foam, which provides great support and firmness. This way, you won’t sink into the mattress, but at the same time, it will contour to your body shape and provide a good amount of comfort.
  • It is made using open cell technology, which eliminates bad odors from accumulating inside the mattress. In addition, this technology allows air and water molecules to move inside the mattress freely so that the temperature will be nicely regulated during sleep. This way, you won’t wake up sweaty or shivering from cold.
  • The mattress doesn’t lose its shape over time, as it’s made of high-quality memory foam. However, make sure to rotate it regularly for even wear and tear.


  • It might be too soft for some people, especially if they prefer sleeping on their side. In this case, a firmer mattress will probably be more suitable because it won’t sink in and, at the same time, provide enough support to relieve pain.
  • Although made of high-density memory foam, the mattress is not as firm as other memory foam mattresses UK consumers can buy. However, it’s still very supportive and comfortable enough to relieve pain and help you get a restful night of sleep.

All in all, Dormeo Octasmart Deluxe is one of the best choices for people who suffer from back and joint pain and want to get rid of it so they can go about their day without feeling tired or grumpy.

5. Casper Mattress

Casper is one of the most popular memories foam mattresses today, which provides great value for money.

This way, consumers can get a high-quality product without breaking their budget.


  • The mattress is made using 4 layers of different materials, including a memory foam layer and polyester. It’s got everything you need to stay comfortable throughout the night, without sinking in too much.
  • It is well ventilated; that way, air, and water molecules can pass through it easily to regulate body temperature during sleep. The mattress will feel refreshing when you wake up, not hot or stuffy.
  • It’s got a unique design that allows consumers to flip their Casper Mattress to distribute wear and tear evenly. This way, it won’t lose shape so fast, but you’ll still be able to use it for several years before you need to replace it.
  • The memory foam is CertiPUR-US certified, which means that no harmful substances have been used during its production. The mattress is completely safe for your health and won’t cause any allergies or other respiratory problems.


  • Takes several hours to expand, as it’s compressed during transportation. You’ll have to wait a bit longer before using your new mattress, but you can still sleep on it until it expands fully.
  • It might be too soft for some consumers, especially those who prefer sleeping on their side. Luckily, the mattress is very supportive, even if it’s too soft for your taste.
  • Casper Mattress might be too firm for some people, especially if they prefer sleeping on a softer mattress. If that’s not an issue for you, then Casper can be a great choice because of its good value for money.

Overall, Casper Mattress is a great choice for people who are not ready to spend too much money on their new mattresses.

However, it still offers good support and comfort. That way, you can rest easy without any pains or aches throughout the night, so you wake up refreshed and ready to take on your day with full power.

What Type of Mattress is Foam?

Before going into detail about the benefits of a foam mattress, we have to explain what this type of mattress actually is all about. The truth is that there are many different types of foam mattresses, and they vary a lot when it comes down to their qualities.

However, they all have one thing in common: they are made of foam layers. The whole concept is based on the fact that foam is used as a base layer instead of having springs inside the mattress. Springs are then placed above this layer to provide more support and comfort for the sleeper.

This type of mattress became so popular because, compared to old-fashioned spring mattresses, it is much more supportive and usually just as comfy.

Foam mattresses are now one of the most demanded products in multiple European countries. Let’s check out their benefits! How exactly do they manage to be this amazing?

Benefits of Foam Mattresses

There are many different types of foam mattresses, meaning that they can also provide many different benefits. Let’s check them out!

1) They offer great support

Have you ever experienced how it feels like to sink in a mattress? It is not an unpleasant feeling, but it might lead to discomfort when trying to sleep.

A foam mattress offers support that ensures your body is not sinking in, thus keeping it aligned and free of any pressure.

2) They are much cooler than other mattresses

Some people might say that sleeping on a spring-based mattress is like floating on clouds, but this is actually very misleading. Spring mattresses can retain heat, which can be difficult to fall asleep due to excessive body heat.

Foam mattresses do not make the same mistake: their inner structure ensures proper air circulation, which keeps you nice and cool all night long.

3) They are very durable

Have you ever seen a mattress that is almost 20 years old? I bet you did not because foam mattresses are famous for their durability.

Indeed, they might not last forever, but the time it takes them to wear out is significantly longer than with other types of mattresses.

4) They are great for people with back problems

One of the most common sleeping problems nowadays is lower back pain. This has two reasons: pressure and unhealthy sleeping positions. A bad mattress can negatively influence your back, but foam mattresses are good at relieving pressure, so the lower back pain should be only temporary.

Finding the right mattress for you will align your spine properly and keep it straight during sleep.

How do I know when I need a new mattress?

Everyone knows that sooner or later, they have to change their mattress for a new one. However, some people are not aware that there is an expiration date on their mattress which means it has to be replaced after a certain amount of time.

You can experience many different symptoms when your bed is worn out and no longer capable of keeping you comfortable during sleep. This might show up in your neck, lower back, or even hips hurting every time you get up from bed.

At this point, you have to replace your mattress before the problems escalate and take over your whole body.

How long should a foam mattress last?

The truth is that there is no universal answer to this question because it all depends on different factors. The only thing you can do is to take care of your mattress and try to prolong its lifespan as much as possible.

These are the things you need to consider:

  1. You should replace your mattress once every eight years if it is an average foam bed. However, this number might vary depending on the manufacturing company, type of foam, and other factors.
  2. Lower-quality mattresses might be worn out in as little as two years, while high-quality products can last up to ten.
  3. Based on all this information, it is safe to say that an average mattress should be changed every eight years. If you are not ready for this kind of commitment, you should aim for better quality models which can last up to ten.
  4. Do not forget about regular maintenance! Good airflow is crucial when it comes to prolonging the lifespan of your bed. If you are not willing to care for your foam mattress, do not expect it to serve you for years.

Mattress types

There are many different kinds of manufacturers out there with their unique methods for producing mattresses.

If you want to find the most durable bed, you need to know exactly how it is made so you can compare all options in front of you.

1. Futons

These are not very popular nowadays, but they served noble purposes when they were introduced. The bottom line is that you can fold them, which makes them very convenient for transport.

2. Latex mattresses

A latex mattress is famous for being naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. This means they can be used by people who suffer from allergies or asthma, but the downside is that they might not keep you as cool during sleep.

3. Traditional Memory foam

It is the most popular type of memory foam mattress now because it keeps you comfortable during sleep and does not contain the unpleasant odor that is characteristic of other models.

This kind of bed also comes with a special coating that makes it resistant to dust mites, so if you are an allergy sufferer, this type of mattress might be just what you are looking for.

4. Pocket sprung mattresses

These are the oldest kinds of beds, and their coil-based systems make them different from the other options. There are also many different types of spring beds, so it is not easy to choose one if you have no idea what it should be like.

The cheapest type is a pocket sprung mattress which is responsible for many complaints regarding durability. Do not go for this type of continuous coil mattress if you want to make sure your mattress will last long enough.

5. Airbeds

These are very comfortable, but they also come with their own problems. One of the most common issues people complain about is that air gets inside the mattress during the night, which is impossible to get rid of.

However, some types of airbeds are built so that you can adjust the firmness by changing its internal pressure.

6. Memory foam hybrids

These might be the most popular type on the market because they combine memory foam with spring coils.

They are also resistant to dust mites, so this might be exactly what you need if you are an allergy sufferer.

7. Latex hybrids

They share all the best memory foam and latex qualities, so if you want something more durable than a memory foam mattress but more comfortable than a latex bed, this hybrid is for you.

8. Pocket spring hybrids

Also known as innerspring beds, they also combine comfort and durability. They are prevalent because of the low price, but it is important to remember that pocket springs are not the best option for durability.

9. Traditional spring mattresses

These are simple models with just one type of coils inside them, so if you want something affordable and durable, this model can be just what you are looking for.

10. Mattresses that combine different types of coils

These are more expensive than single-coil systems, but they are also lighter, so they are easier to move around the house, making them great for people who frequently change their sleeping positions.

What level of firmness do I need?

When you are trying to decide which type of mattress is the best fit for your needs, firmness level should also be considered.

What it comes down to is that different types of coils have different firmness levels, so you might need a hybrid system if you want something with adjustable firmness. 

Bed frame

Buying the right size mattress for your frame is also important because these two parts of your bed should match.

If you already have a good mattress, but it is not the right size for the frame, do not buy another one that matches the frame, or you will end up with gaps in between them.

Full mattresses (54 inches by 75 inches).

  • If you are taller than average or you like to spread out when sleeping, this might be the best option.

Twin (38 inches by 75 inches).

  • It is also known as Single, and it is great for kids or people who like to sleep alone.

Queen (60 inches by 80 inches).

  • This size is usually used by couples or people who like to spread out while sleeping.

King (76 inches by 80 inches).

  • This size is great for two adults sharing the bed because it has plenty of room for both of them.

California King (72 inches by 84 inches).

  • It has all the features of a regular king, but it is four inches longer.

Do all mattresses need flipping or turning?

It is a good idea to turn or flip your mattress from time to time because it helps distribute weight better, and it also prolongs the lifespan of this important part of your bed.

If you want a mattress, but it comes with a non-flip design, do not forget to ask the salesperson if turning is still possible.

What are the warranty conditions for mattresses?

All good beds come with a limited warranty of at least 10 years. If you find something significantly cheaper than everything else, make sure some warranty covers it because you do not want to buy another mattress in three years.

Good brands never offer a full cash refund, but they will replace the mattress if you find defects in it.

Will my mattress arrive as soon as I place an order?

Another good reason to buy your mattress online is that delivery time is usually much shorter than at brick and mortar stores.

If you are not in a hurry, wait for special deals because most retailers offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount.

What is a mattress topper?

A mattress topper is another important part of your bed because it can make a big difference in comfort and durability.

You might think that adding extra padding is not necessary. Still, the best memory foam mattress Tempurpedic pad can prolong the lifespan of your current model by protecting it from harmful environmental factors that contribute to early deterioration. 

A topper is also good for people who cannot afford the latest model because it allows them to enjoy some features without spending too much money. It is important to know that not all mattress pads are created equal, so make sure you research this subject before placing an order.

How can I buy a new mattress without breaking the bank?

There are many ways to save money when buying a good bed, and one of them is using online coupons. You might not get instant savings, but this is definitely one of the best ways to pay less for your purchase. If you don’t want to use coupons, wait for deals and sales because they often happen in this industry.

Is it possible to get a free trial of the mattress I want?

Some retailers offer free trials for their products, so you might want to ask about special deals before placing an order. You might also find smaller independent sellers who give away a mattress in exchange for a review. This is not common, but it is still worth checking because you can always return a mattress if something goes wrong.

One of the best things about shopping online is that you have access to useful information before buying anything, so never ignore product descriptions and reviews, even if they are not from professional reviewers.

If you are unsure about a retailer or a product, do some research on the company and its reputation before placing an order.

What are the best mattresses for couples?

The best bed for couples is soft yet supportive, so it does not matter if they sleep on the side, back or stomach because they won’t feel each other’s movements. Memory foam mattresses are top-rated because they provide the right balance of comfort and support.


Choosing the right mattress is not easy, but if you follow the tips and tricks in this article, it should be a piece of cake. Just remember that some people might need more than one type of bed, so read all the guides before making your final decision.

If you want more information about mattresses or related subjects, don’t forget to check out all the links in the article. Thank you for reading, and good luck!

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